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  • The Psychology of a Terrorist: Tchen in La Condition humaine, Nottingham French Studies, Vol. 21, No. 1, May 1982.
  • 'Finding the Battle: History and the Individual in Les Conquérants and La Condition humaine, Australian Journal of French Studies, Vol. XXVII, Number 2, 1990.
  • An Inhuman Transcendence: Perken, in Malraux's La Voie royale, Journal of European Studies, Vol. 25, 1995.
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  • Art and the Human Adventure: André Malraux's Theory of Art  (Amsterdam, Rodopi, 2009). A book-length study of the key ideas in The Voices of Silence and The Metamorphosis of the Gods.  Includes an assessment of criticisms of Malraux by writers such as Gombrich, Merleau-Ponty, Bourdieu and Blanchot, and comparisons between Malraux's thinking and relevant aspects of 'analytic' aesthetics.
  • 'Ni histoire de l'art ni esthétique: Les écrits sur l'art d'André Malraux', in André Malraux 13, Malraux et la question des genres littéraires. La Revue des Lettres Modernes  Série André Malraux." (Caen: Minard, 2009).
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  • Article on André Malraux's theory of art in the new 2014 edition of the Encylopedia of Aesthetics (OUP). Vol.  4. pp 239-243.

Conference papers

"Literature and Knowledge", at a conference entitled "The Literal Truth: A Symposium on Literature and Lying", Australian National University, 5-6 November 2002

"André Malraux and the Function of Art, SydneSociety of Literature and Aesthetics, University of Sydney, June 2003

Malraux, Art and Time, Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics, University of Sydney, October 2003

André Malraux, Art and Time: The Renaissance in a New Perspective conference on Renaissance Perspectives, Australian National University, November 2003

An Aesthetic Revolution: André Malraux and the Modern Transcultural Concept of Art, Second Pacific Rim Conference in Transcultural Aesthetics, University of Sydney, 29 September-1 October, 2004

André Malraux and the Emergence of the Anti-Arts,  conference entitled Critique Today at Macquarie University under the auspices of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy, December 2004

André Malraux, Art and Time, Annual Conference of the British Society of Aesthetics, Oxford, September 2005

Malraux, l'Art et le Temps, paper in French for a conference at the Sorbonne organised by the Amitiés Internationales André Malraux, November 2005

The Creative Process: An Aspect of André Malraux's Theory of Art, Annual Conference of the American Society for Aesthetics, Milwaukee, October 25-28, 2006

Art and Freedom at a conference on Freedom, Australian National University, July 2007

An Intellectual Revolution: Malraux's Account of the Temporal Nature of Art, at conference entitled André Malraux and the spiritual values of the 21st century, Queens University, Belfast , September 2007

Art and History: Taking the Past Seriously, American Society for Aesthetics (Eastern Division), Philadelphia, April 4-5, 2008

Malraux, Art and Religion, conference on Religion, the Arts and the Creative Imagination, Heythrop College, University of London, 17 May 2008

Art, Time, and Metamorphosis: A Revolutionary Aspect of André Malraux's Theory of Art, conference entitled Aesthetics and the Aesthetic: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives, Nordic Society of Aesthetics, Uppsala University, Sweden, 29 May to 1 June 2008

Fiction and Reality: A Way out of the Impasse?, conference on Literature and Philosophy/Philosophy and Literature, University of Sussex, 12-14 June 2008

"Neglected Affinities: Religion and Art".  Conference of Australasian Philosophy of Religion Association, Canberra,27, 28 September, 2008

"Is traditional aesthetics based on a mistake?" ANU Philosophy Seminar, 8 May 2009

"Eternity, History, or Metamorphosis?  A Revolutionary Aspect of André Malraux's Theory of Art".  Annual Conference of the American Society for Aesthetics, Denver, October 2009

"Laclos and the Dark Side of the Enlightenment". British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Annual Conference, January 2010, St Hugh's College, Oxford.

"André Malraux's Theory of Art - Challenges to Traditional Aesthetics". Hampstead Authors Society, London, 4 January 2010.

Les Liaisons Dangereuses and the Dark Side of the Enlightenment: Conference Thinking the Human in the Era of Enlightenment, Australian National University,  7-9 July 2010

André Malraux, the Art Museum, and the Digital Musée Imaginaire: Symposium Imaging Identity, National Portrait Gallery in Canberra July 15-17, 2010.

"Art and the Metaphysical: A Challenge to Aesthetic Orthodoxy".   For a conference in Sydney in October 2010 entitled Creation, Nature and the Built Environment.

"The Modern Universal World of Art" , Conference on "Artworlds" at Australian National University,  8 October 2010.

"Time: The Forgotten Dimension of Art",  Paper delivered at the annual conference of the Dutch Association of Aesthetics, Ghent, 27, 28 May 2011. 

"Is aesthetics based on a mistake?" (Sequel to paper of 8 May 2009 - see above). School of Cultural Inquiry Seminar Series, ANU, 22 August 2011

"Goya and the Disasters of War". Paper delivered at symposium Wars Affects: Mediating Conflict and Emotion, 1700-1900, Australian National University, 5 October, 2011 - 7 October, 2011. 

 Art, Time and Metamorphosis. Paper delivered on Monday 18th March 2013 as part of ANU School of Cultural Inquiry seminar series for 2013. 

Short presentation on my new book Art and Time for a conference entitled André Malraux à la rencontre de limage et de limaginaire, Paris, 19 May 2103.  (Link gives English and French versions.)

"Art and the 'real world'". Paper delivered at the 37th congress of the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association (AULLA) on 10-12 July 2013. The conference theme was "Worldmaking".   

"Literature and the Passing of Time: Reflecting on the Temporal Nature of Art" A paper  delivered at a conference entitled  21st Century Theories of Literature: Essence, Fiction, and ValueUniversity of Warwick 27th to 29th March, 2014.

Analytic Aesthetics and the Dilemma of Timelessness.  A paper delivered to a seminar in the ANU School of Philosophy, 11 November 2014.

 Goya and the Dark Side of the Enlightenment, a paper delivered at a conference entitled Rethinking the Enlightenment at Deakin University, Melbourne, 16-17 December 2015

A paper entitled Creation Ex Nihilo: André Malraux and the Concept of Artistic Creation at the annual conference of the Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy at Deakin University, Melbourne, 7- 9 December 2016.

Is art, including literature, a representation of reality? Malrauxs response. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Australian Society for French Studies, December  2017, at the Australian National University.

"Beauty, Art and the Western Tradition" a paper delivered at the biennial conference on Philosophy, Religion and Culture at the Catholic Institute of Sydney, 28th to 30th September 2018.

"The Birth and Death of Beauty in Western Art".  Paper delivered at the 2019 Conference of the International Society for Intellectual History held at the University of Queensland, 5-7 June 2019. Accessible on my Philpapers page or my Academia page.

"The Death of Immortality and the Mystery of Arts Temporal Transcendence". (Paper delivered at the Australian National University, 10/10/2019.) See my Philpapers page here.)

"The Very Idea of Art" , Paper presented to seminar at Australian Natuional University, 28/7/2022. See my Philpapers section.


Interview about Malraux
Back in 2003, Rick Visser from the weblog Artrift asked me a series of questions about Malraux and art.
The weblog is now closed so I've placed a copy of the interview on this website. If asked the same questions today, I might perhaps shift the emphasis a little here and there (I would place more stress on the vital question of art and time, for example) but that's all. So the interview is still an accurate reflection of my views. I should add that Visser's comment in the introduction that The Voices of Silence is now "all but forgotten", while perhaps true of Anglophone countries at that point in time (it has never been true of France), is much less accurate today. One sign of the increasing interest in Malraux is the decision of the editors of the Encyclopedia of Aesthetics (OUP) to include a substantial entry on his theory of art in their new 2014 edition.

Current projects: 

  • An essay in French entitled: Une Transgression Nécessaire: Malraux, l'Art et l'Histoire in La Revue des lettres modernes, Classiques Garnier.
  • A seminar paper entitled: The Very Idea of Art to be presented at ANU on 28th July 2022.

Standing Buddha, India.  Musée Guimet

Spirit figures, Vanuatu.  Louvre



Aztec death cult figure. British Museum

Assumption of the Virgin, Cathedral of Senlis, France

Biblical figure. Cathedral of Senlis, France

Chartres. Stained glass window