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General Rabbit Websites

American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)

The British Rabbit Council

Free Pet Sitters based in Canberra Pet sitters (including rabbit sitters) based round Canberra who pet-sit for free. To get 6 months free membership to, use the code 'canberrarabbitclub' when signing up.

Fur and Feather

Pet Rescue

Rabbit Council of New Zealand

Rabbit Rescue Sanctuary (based in Northern NSW)

Rabbits Pets


Australian National Rabbit Council

Australian Show Rabbit Council


Myxomatosis Hotline

Website showing where outbreaks are in Australia. Also has information on the campaign to allow the vaccine into this country.

Commercial Rabbit Websites (For Meat Rabbits)

Farmed Rabbit Industry Association

Growtec Commercial Rabbit Farming in Australia Very useful site for those interested in meat rabbits with good links and information

Electronic discussion groups and forums

Australian Show Rabbit A Yahoo group.

OzWest Rabbit Club Another Yahoo group

Australian General Pet Information Sites

RSPCA - ACT Region You can search under whatever category of animal interests you to see what they have in stock

Buy My Pet Comprehensive Australian website where you can buy or sell pets (including rabbits), read breed articles, find vets, pet supplies and other information relating to pets of various kinds. Canberra-focused online pet directory which allows you to search and find products, clubs, services, etc. for cats, dogs, birds, small furries, horses and reptiles.

OzPets Australian pet portal with lots of info and there is a lot on rabbits and cavies unlike other pet portals

The Pet Directory An online Guide to Pet Products and Services including breeders, clubs, pet events, vets, lost & found, pet supplies.

Pet Link another good site for Australian pets though the rabbit section is sadly diminished

Pet Pages Yet another Australian online pet directory for buying and selling animals and locating clubs. Listings are free but Hotmail and Yahoo addresses are not accepted.

Pets Online Another Australian pet portal "dedicated to connecting buyers and sellers for all things pet related. Find puppies, dogs, cats, horses & more from pet shops, breeders, animal shelters and private sales!"



Northern NSW Rabbit Hopping and Companion Club                                                       

Orana Rabbit Fanciers                                                                                                           

Rabbit Breeders Association of NSW

Rabbit Exhibitors and Breeders Society: (website no longer exists)

Rabbit Fanciers Society of New South Wales

Rabbit Hopping Society of Australia

Southern Tablelands Rabbit Club

Illawarra Rabbit Club appears to be inactive. Website not updated since 2009.


                                                       SOUTH AUSTRALIA

South Australian Rabbit Association

South Australian Rabbit Fanciers Society



Rabbit Breeders Association of Tasmania



Melbourne Metro Rabbit Fanciers

Rabbit Breeders Association of Victoria

Victorian Rabbit Association Inc.


                                                  WESTERN AUSTRALIA

West Australian Rabbit Council

The Hills Rabbit Club, 98 Walderton Avenue, Balga WA  (08) 9446 2278


,                                                        SPECIALIST

Australian Lop Circle, PO Box 968, Melton Vic. 3337

National Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club, PO Box 968, Melton Vic. 3337

National Rex Club Websters Road, Clarkefield Vic. 3430