These were one of my first breeds. I started with them in 1998 but went out of them about 10 years later as the ones I then had refused to breed., or at least raise their litters Over the years Iíve bred mainly Sooty Fawns with one outstanding Seal-point. The last litter I had I kept,  a brother and sister from the last (and only live) litter my last brood doe deigned to present me with. These were Reguli Cornelia, a Black Otter, and Reguli Scipio, a Black buck.

A few years ago I was given Bunny Bunch Weis (aka Mango), an Orange Dwarf Lop who was intended to be a patting  bunny and a very good one he is, a real credit to his breed, being in your face an demanding pats. He is such a character that I thought the world needed more Mangoes. He is also a very nice specimen of his breed and went Best Lop at one show. (he's only been shown twice). So I got Obsidian Snowflake Cornificia, an Agouti doe. Shed had her first litter in 2012. Unfortunately none of them was Orange. She had two Agoutis, one Sooty Fawn (all does) and a Black buck. I kept the buck as he looked like a black Mango when little. In 2013 I was given Mango's son, Obsidian Snowflake Sheamus (virtually a clone of Mango) and a Chocolate Tort doe, Mango's granddaughter. I hope to be able to breed Orange Dwarf Lops from these.

Cornificia (who has a lot of black of some sort or another behind her) can be bred to Bunny Luv Dex, an undersized Silver Fox German Lop or back to her son and so start another line of black-based Lops.




Bunny Bunch Weis (aka Mango)

Obsidian Snowflake Sheamus


BunnyLuv Dex (undersized German Lop). His head looks a bit flat because he kept shoving it right up under the shadecloth canopy.

Reguli Scipio Africanus (Dwarf Lop)



Obsidian Snowflake Chocolate Peach (Chocolate Tortoiseshell)


Obsidian Snowflake Cornificia (Agouti)



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