As I have already discussed this at length here, I will just say I have had them since 2003 and was drawn to them by their roguish appearance, their great personalities and the fact they seemed to be something of an underdog in some corners of the fancy and I couldn’t see why.

I am working to try to get something that breeds consistently like I think they should look (solid pigs with good lift to the coat to give that tousled look, along with big broad faces, mutton chops and parakeet). I am still a way off that, I think. What is apparent is that they are longhairs but with multiple rosettes unlike Peruvians who only have two. Their coat grows at the same rate - 2.5 cm or one inch a month. Like any unwrapped longhair, their coat breaks off naturally once past babyhood (or junior) so it appears only to grow to the feet.

Shebas are always popular at displays. The public seems to love the little scruffs. In fact, these days, they make quite a fashion statement. As several people have remarked, you'd pay a fortune to have your hair done like that. My favourite reaction was a girl at the Bungendore Show who stopped her friend and said, "Quick! Take a photo! I want to show it to my hairdresser. That's exactly how I want my hair done!"

Sadly, the last of my sows died in June 2014 and as I'd only had boars for the past few years, that is the end of Shebas for me. I no longer breed them. I have just Goudy and his son left.


Reguli Fuma Ninja, son of Reguli Koga  Ninja and Reguli Kunoichi.

Canberry Goudy, son of Jazzuki Gidday and Jazzuki Poppy




Reguli Ayano, daughter of Bairengu and Reguli Acushla, born 8 Nov. 2010 (horribly chewed in this photo)

Reguli Kunoichi, daughter of Bairengu and Reguli Nadeshiko, born 24 Nov. 2010 (also badly chewed in this photo. They barber each other)





Reguli Koga Ninja, son of Bairengu and Reguli Acushla, born 8 Nov. 2010. Gone to a pet home.


Reguli Acushla (born 1 Oct. 2007), daughter of Gensai and Wollombi, still a baby.          Acushla as an adult. Died suddenly 2 Dec. 2010

Pipsqueak Winter Star (Tricolour) 11 July 2004-Feb. 2007

Reguli Nagisa (Tricolour) 20 Nov. 2004-Feb. 2007

Adalgisa as a baby, born Sept. 2007, died suddenly 18 August 2010.  A good mother to a number of litter.

Tarleigh Wishiwere (Buff) 2 Oct. 2004-5 July 2007

Pipsqueak Vivace gone to a new home in Tweed Heads

Reguli Wollombi (Buff and White, coat a bit too flat and frontals to "Peruvian" for me) gone to a new home with Vivace

 Reguli Wollogorang (Tricolour), Wollombi's sister,  gone to a new home with Vivace and Wollombi

Reguli Nadeshiko, born 23 Aug. 2009 daughter of Bairengu and Acushla. Gone to live at Canberry Cavies where she has had a liktter for Jo.


Reguli Gensai (born 20 Nov. 2004) died 6 April 2009, son of Reguli Gennosuke and Pipsqueak Charlotte.  He’d have been a lot better if he wasn’t a chewer! I wonder how one eliminates that gene?

Reguli Kirimaru son of Bairengu and Adalgisa born 4 Oct. 2009. Gone to a pet home

Reguli Genta son of Reguli Genichiro and Agemaki born 28 Aug. 2008, Gone to live at Canberry Cavies where he has fathered a litter of Jo.


Reguli Genichiro (born 1 Dec. 2006), son of Reguli Gensai and Pipsqueak Winterstar

Agemaki, Adalgisa's sister, still a baby Went to a pet home.

Reguli Wollombi and litter

Wollombi (born 24 Nov. 2006) as a baby, daughter of  Tarleigh Wishiwere and Reguli Nagisa. Went to a pet home