I came to these pretty well by accident. I have kept a number of purebred longhairs as pets for displays and patting pigs. Somebody was going out of cavies and I thought to buy all her long-hairs as I didn’t want them going willynilly on to the pet market where there are no guarantees people will know how to look after them or even that their coats need trimming and brushing. Most I sold on to breeders except for one baby Sheltie who went to a pet home but the new owner has had long-haired dogs so she knows the score. At all events he has to be the most spoiled pig in the Blue Mountains.

In the meantime, one Sheltie sow had given birth to two Coronets (she was pregnant when I got her). Both she and the sire, another Sheltie, have rudimentary crests hence this anomaly (crests are dominant, not recessive). Anyway, I kept one of the two babies (both sows) and the only Coronet boar who was the last of these longhairs. The reason is that I think the longhairs (Texels, Coronets, Shelties and Merinos – all of which I have had at some point or other now – and no doubt the other breeds as well) have some of the best personalities. They are friendly, not skittish or flighty, curious and lively.

This sow, Reguli Lady Rokujo, was then mated with a Coronet boar, Calira Ping Pong. Each litter she had included at least one Merino, suggesting that she as well as the boar had the rex gene in her background, since it is recessive. In her third litter she also had a Satin Coronet boar, so there is a Satin gene way back somewhere as well.  Perhaps she should have been called Lady Heinz Variety! I kept a Merino sow, Lady Ochiba and a Coronet sow, Ben no Naishi,  from this litter and sold the Satin Coronet. I showed Lady Ochiba for a while until her coat grew long enough to be wrapped (when it got chewed). Now she works as a patting pig at shows and displays, having inherited her father's bomb-proof nature.

In the meantime I acquired Pipsqueak Klaus, a Silver Agouti and White Texel boar to go with Calira  Boing, a Merino sow and Ping Pong's sister. They produced some nice litters and Klaus went on to father many more with other sows.

I like the Merino coat as it doesn't seem to tangle as much as the smooth coats. I run them on Breeders Choice paper-based cat litter which helps as it doesn't get caught in the coat.


Reguli Liberté born 14 July 2009 son of Pipsqueak Klaus and Reguli Lady Ochiba





Reguli Lady Rokujo (born May 2005). A right little madam, this, hence her being named for that total bitch in Genji Monogatari. However, with humans she is fine. It’s just her female housemates she likes to bully, even her own daughters. She has met her match in Canberry Barbados who solved her little ways by burying her under the cage bedding until she signed a non-aggression treaty. They now get on very well.


Reguli Ben no Naishi (born 7 Jan. 2007), daughter of Ping Pong and Rokujo, litter mate to Lady Ochiba

Reguli Tachibana born 3 March 2010 daughter of the Sheltie and Reguli Ben no Naishi.

Reguli Sei Shonagon, Tachibana's daughter, born 24 Sept. 2011



Reguli Lady Iwafuji, (born 14 June 2008) daughter of Prince Fujiwara and Lady Tamakazura

Reguli Lady Fujitsubo (born 22 May 2008), daughter of Prince Fujiwara and Lady Ochiba

Reguli Lady Nijo born 6 April 2008, daughter of Pipsqueak Klaus and Reguli Ben no Naishi

Reguli Lady Murasaki  born 1 October 2010, daughter of Liberté and Reguli Lady Iwafuji


Shintaro, a Buff Coronet, who had a wonderful personality and temperament, especially as a patting pig at displays. Absolutely bomb-proof he was. Died 17 Feb. 2007.



Calira Ping Pong, a Black and Gold Coronet, brother of Calira Boing, now retired to a pet home

Calira Boing (born 3 Nov. 2004). She's a bit of a tart. If there was a boar around and if he was still capable of breathing, she'd be there, strutting her booty and getting in his face. Died 11 May 2011

Reguli Lady Tamakazura (Golden Agouti and White), daughter of Klaus and Boing, a great little trouper with a lovely temperament as a patting pig. Died suddenly on 22 June 2008

Pipsqueak Klaus (Silver Agouti and White) born 20 June 2005 died 12 June 2010

Reguli Prince Fujiwara (born 17 Jan. 2007), died 26 March 2009, son of Klaus and Boing

Reguli Lady Ochiba (7 Jan. 2007), died March 2010 following a fall, daughter of Ping Pong and Lady Rokujo