Canberra Fires

On Saturday the 18th of January 2003 a series of event resulted in a fire front that was pushed by 100Km winds into a number of suburbs in Canberra (The capital of Australia).

Many sites exist that have a number of photos. Not only of the Duffy/Chapman/Kambah suburbs but also of the larger area.

Some of these links are:
Local ABC has been a critical source of information, during and after the event
A great site with many photos and other links

Some of my photos from the day

These are a selection of my photos from the day. Sorry about the quality. It was a little hectic at on the day.

Click on the links to see the original photos, they are typically 500k-300k.

Before 3:00 PM

Direct Sun The Sun.
It had been like this for a number of days. The smoke from the fires in the hills was being driver towards us by the prevailing winds. 
Fires to the North West Fire in the North West. In the morning we could see the smoke clouds from two distinct fire fronts. 
Smoke to the South Smoke to the South.
Smoke to the South West Smoke to the South West.

During the Fires -at about 2:30pm

Directly Overhead Elvis flies directly overhead. This magnificent machine carries about 10,000 liters of water. A neighbor later told me that she was also watching it..
On its way Elvis is on its way. The neighbor later told me that in less than a minute it came back empty.

During the Fires - The Street

Up the street The view up the street. Just before the fire storm. Remember that this is the middle of the afternoon.
Up the street later. Up the same street minutes later. I'm still not sure exactly what it is that I can see burning. 
Down the street Down the street. The fire is of a house alight 5 doors down.

After the winds had died down.

Eppalock Street. This looks out towards 5 houses. None of them are standing. 
Houses This is the house to the immediate left of where the above picture was taken.
Two houses down the street.
Rescuers and Helpers moved in to put out spot fires.
Plenty to do There was plenty of work to do.

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A special thanks to all the volunteers and firies who fight these things every week.
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