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One of the big events that the family have gone through in recent years is the Canberra fires. These fires raced through the suburbs on the 18th of February 2003. At the time I was in a position to get some photos of the event. You can see them at Canberra Fires - Photos.

The next year it seemed like a good idea to review the progress, or otherwise that has gone on since then so I ran out and took some photos to compare with the originals. 2003-2004 Comparisons. 

During the days immediately following. The residents discussed told their stories to each other.


Two years have now gone by and it seems like the time for an update. Two years after.

Andy and family.

Jyve / skype I've been experimenting with Skype (its a free internet telephony service) See Skype 
Its is spawning a number of services and support sites. One such service is http://jyve.com which provides a service that  allows you to publish your online status in web pages. They also provide a 'card' that allows the reader to send Instant messages to the 'target'. At this time the status is being incorrectly reported.

Try it.

  or If you already have Skype call me