Why do bunnies stomp their FEET?

Most people believe it is based solely on fear but I have noticed other reasons for their stomping behaviour. I have interpreted bunny language into words so if he could talk this is what he could be saying ;

STOMP : " Watch out! Everybody (bunny) Iíve seen or heard something strange."

STOMP : " I think itís something scary, so be on guard."

STOMP : "Look here doe, Iím the boss. I am the worldís most dominant buck, just be

submissive and do as I want !"

STOMP : "Donít think you can get the better of meíí

STOMP : "Go away !"

STOMP : "I didnít like that, I felt vulnerable and out of control."

STOMP : " Who are you ? Friend or foe?"

STOMP : "Attention! I live here. This is my place, my territory and all who trespass have

me to deal with !"

STOMP : "Get lost buck, Iím pregnant (or at least I think I am)"

STOMP : " Leave me alone, Iím not happy with this situationíí

STOMP : "Hello anybody (anybunny) out there ?íí

STOMP : "If you can stomp, I can too!"

STOMP : "Foods coming! Come on slow coach! This is my favourite time of the day,

I canít stand delay!"