I was born in 1952 in London, moved to Australia in 1965, got infected by The Samurai despite having already succumbed to Dr. Who in 1963, though it must be said the first fan fiction I wrote was probably the further adventures of the characters in The Pathfinders series which I scribbled instead of writing What I Did Last Night in the obligatory diary they made us keep in Hampstead Infants & Primary. Thereafter it was all downhill - Star Trek in the late 1960s, Dark Shadows, Blake's 7, Battlestar Galactica, Forever Knight, Babylon 5, Space Above and Beyond, Xena, Stargate SG-1, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and so on.

I became active in fandom in the early 1970s with Star Trek and briefly (until I saw the sequel) Star Wars. After having a number of my screeds published in overseas fanzines, I realised I had enough to start my own. This was
Multiverse begun as a no-frills fanzine which featured not only the then obligatory Star Wars fan fiction but "mixed universe" (i.e containing characters/situations from more than one SF/fantasy TV/film 'world') tales largely set in my own universe. Multiverse moved on to embrace most of the above mentioned shows and others, finally finishing with issue #30 in 1999. I began Centero in 1982 as a Blake's 7 discussion zine which later expanded in 1985 to take in other series. It's still going strong. In 1986 I published briefly Dodecahedron a Dr. Who discussion zine.

I started attending cons in 1974 beginning with a SF natcon in Melbourne, going on to a couple of worldcons, many Star Trek cons (including the last of the original cons run in New York by Joan Winston et al.), a couple of Blake's 7, Dr. Who and Dark Shadows cons. I've given papers, been on panels or guested at a number.

In the last decade,  my interests have taken me from Fandom to the Fancy, beginning with breeding and showing rabbits in 1998, then adding cavies (guinea pigs). I breed and show Dwarf Lops, British Giants and Chinchilla Gigantas currently, though have bred Netherland Dwarfs, Satins, Rex, and Mini Rex in the past. Apart from about 20 rabbits, I have a similar number of cavies (mainly Abyssinians, Rex, Sheba Mini Yaks, Coronets and miscellaneous breeds I use for displays in the region) and three cats, Hatshepsut, a Blue Abyssinian spay, Vico a Blue Somali neuter and Aditya. a Tawny Abyssinian neuter. My Black Oriental named Kongo, after my favourite ninja died in June 2002. Silas, my Siamese died in February 2000 at nearly 15. I also had a Brown-Spotted Bengal cat who was a delight but wanted to be the only cat which did not sit well with Hatshepsut so she had to find another home. I used to show cats. Aureate Hatshepsut (to give her full name) is a Bronze Triple Grand Championship and Nareira Vico is a Champion. I am editor (and writer) of Rabbit Droppings, the newsletter of the Canberra Rabbit Club (and Vice-President of that club), editor (and writer of) The Canberra Cat Fanciersí Association Quarterly (and secretary of that club), committee member of the Abyssinian Cat Club of Australasia, president of the Southern Regional Branch of the NSW Cavy Club and Secretary of the NSW Cavy Club as a whole

In real life I am yet another fannish librarian. For 18 years I was in charge of the Japanese Collection of the National Library of Australia (I have a degree in Asian Studies majoring in Japanese - see, my exposure to The Samurai wasn't totally useless). More recently I have been in charge of a project to (pauses to de-library-speak the next bit) catalogue and make available for online searching records of the National Library's overseas periodicals. I completed a similar project to do the same for the Australian periodicals four years ago. In between time I catalogued the Library's pool of Italian books (using the Latin I studied for 9 years). This long exposure to the Romans and their language is the reason behind my continuing interest not only in Rome as a background to SF and fantasy but in Roman mysteries and historical novels


Nikki White 

Reguli Cavy and Rabbit Stud

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