After Springtime Happiness will come a Hot Stressful Summer

Christine Carter


Please make sure I don't suffer or DIE from heat-stress.

On hot days keep a close eye on me and check that I am not breathing heavily or especially make sure I am not wet around my mouth and nose because if you see that I am suffering................

I will have to be cooled down immediately.

Don't panic and dunk me in a bucket of water, I could die of shock! Just take me into your nice cool bathroom or laundry, dampen me down with tepid water and pay particular attention to wetting my ears for they are great conducers for temperature control. After you do that let me lie down on the cool tiles or on a piece of wet carpet mat or old towel and a bowl of water nearby. That should do the trick,. mind you just to save us a lot of hassle you could prevent me from getting too hot in the first place.

By the way did you know that if a buck experiences temperatures of 20 degrees or more for 5 days in a row he can temporarily become sterile for up to 90 days!

Would you like a few suggestions? OK well, here're a few examples of what breeders do for bunnies in their care.

Preventing Hot (Cross!) Bunnies

* Place the hutch in the coolest part in the garden,,

* A hutch or shed roof can be covered with old carpet or potato sacks then watered as often as needed with a garden hose or a soaker hose,,

* A heavy water bowl is useful., as some bunnies are smart enough to soak their front paws in it, Lops will also dip their lovely ears in a bowl of water.,

* Freeze plastic bottles of water and place in hutch, remember to change it with a fresh one once it has melted,

* A small piece of wet carpet is always nice and cooling to lie on,,

* Drinking water must not get too warm or else your bunny may die of thirst.. eitther keep changing the water bottle or if he has a bowl add a few ice cubes,,

* Bunnies that are housed in sheds, garages,, sunrooms etc. can have the luxury of air-conditioners, air-coolers and fans,

So now you know how:

please keep us cool and happier this summer