No. 1 (Dec. 1999): Potted history of the Canberra Rabbit Club--Murrumbateman Field Days 16-17 October--A Dog Day Afternoon (report on Pets in the Park at Kambah oval, 14 Nov.)--The Rabbit First Aid Kit

No. 2 (Feb. 2000): Listing of the club library; accounts of displays at Australia Day in the Park and the Royal Canberra Show; a letter from Ron Harris (Tasmanian judge) on breed standards, the first of a series entitled Cyberbunny on rabbit sites on the web of interest to Australian fanciers.

No. 3 (April 2000): Articles on companions for rabbits; showing rabbits; reports on the March combined rabbit/guinea pig show, and on the Wodonga Agricultural Show; CRCI code of ethics; more Cyberbunny

No. 4 (July 2000): Review of recent rabbit books; article on fat rabbits by Christine Carter; BRC breed standards for the Miniature Cashmere Lop, and the genetics of the dwarf gene (both sent in by Sue Sowden); report on the display at the Narrabundah Community Centre and on the Koi and Pet Show at Fairfield, Sydney; more Cyberbunny

No. 5 (Aug. 2000): Interpreting body language and behaviour (House Rabbit Society); rabbit hierarchies (House Rabbit Society); housing rabbits; early history of rabbits; guinea pig grooming

No. 6 (Sept. 2000): Emergency treatment for rabbits (House Rabbit Society); advantages of rabbits as pets

A deposit copy of each issue is sent to the National Library (it has been catalogued and can be found searching the Library's online catalogue) and another copy is sent to Peter's Foods in Melbourne, who sponsor us. Articles from various issues during the year have been put on the club website, as well.

No. 7 (Dec. 2000): Club annual report--After springtime happiness will come a hot stressful summer by Christine Carter--14-15 October Murrumbateman Field Days--Combined Rabbit & Guinea Pig Show 29 Oct., Waramanga Scout Hall--Pet Expo 3-5 Nov., Exhibition Park

No. 8 (Feb. 2001) Playmate of the Month: The Rex/Mini Rex--Canberra Rabbit Club Library

No. 9 (April 2001) Furball, or the Unclogging of Lepidus--Caring for Kittens by Christine Carter--Playmate of the Month: the Polish--Report on the display at the Animal Nursery, Royal Canberra Show 23-25 February 2001--Report on the Rabbit Breeders Association of NSW show and seminar 11 March--Report on display at Gundaroo Bush Races & Festival 25 March

No. 10 (May 2001) Getting the bugs of bunny: flea/parasite removal--Watering bunny--Report on stewarding at the Royal Easter Show--How the other half lives: a rabbit's eye view of a cat show--Playmate of the Month: the Satin

No. 11 (July 2001) Ring transfers--Cold climate bunnies--Caring for Kittens part 2 by Christine Carter--Playmate of the Month: the Dutch

No. 12 (August 2001) Points system--Report on the rabbit breeding and judging seminar run by the RBA 12 August--Flop bunny syndrome--Why does my rabbit eat its droppings by Debbie of Dynasty Stud, New Zealand--Playmate of the Month: the Flemish Giant and the British Giant--Cashmere Lops by Christine Carter

No. 13 (October 2001) Worms and coccidiosis--Report on the display at the Hall Markets 7 Oct.--Report on the Murrumbateman Field Days 13-14 Oct.--Playmate of the Month: the Harlequin--Caring for Kittens part 3 by Christine Carter

No. 14 (November 2001) Carrot a day puts bunny away (from the Daily Telegraph)--My first rabbit and cavy show by Susan Batho--Report on the Pet Expo 2-4 Nov.--Playmate of the Month: the New Zealand--The Lionhead by Gerald Nebel (reprinted from Monica's Mouse, Moggy & Mutt Magazine)

No. 15 (December 2001) Summer bunnies--Passing the buck (selling rabbits)--The Alternative Kitten Buyers Guide (reprinted from Fur & Feather)--Annual report--Showing off by Christine Carter--Photos of Nov. 25 show by Christine Carter

No. 16 (Feb. 2002) CRCI Library list--Australia Day in the Park display--Playmate of the Month: Angora

No. 17 (April 2002) Homeopathy for pets--Lionhead standard--Standard for Chocolate Tortoiseshell Mini Lop--Standard for Broken Pattern Mini Rex--Royal Canberra Show display--Yass Show display--Royal Easter Show stewarding

No. 18 (May 2002) Cyberbunny (Australian online rabbit lists)--Rabbit bones by Deborah of Dynasty Stud--Rabbitry on Parade: Madlee Stud by Vanessa Madeley--Playmate of the Month: Argenté

No. 19 (July 2002) Toilet training?--Wet 'n windy bunnies--Book reviews: Getting to Know Your Rabbit by Gill Page, Small Pet Handbook by David Taylor--Display at Rosary Outside School Hours Care 9 July--Rabbitry on Parade: Reguli Stud--Playmate of the Month: English--Have bunny will travel by Christine Carter

No. 20 (Sept. 2002) Stock feed merchants in the region--Playmate of the Month: Swiss Fox

No. 21 (Oct. 2002) CRCI Champion points system--Playmate of the Month: Californian--Rabbitry on Parade: Beau Stud by Susan Batho--Rabbitry on Parade by the Conroys--Rabbitry on Parade: Bonreiki Stud by Christine Carter--Photo gallery of winners in 2002 by Christine Carter

No. 22 (Nov. 2002) When is a Flemish Giant not a Flemish Giant--Pet Expo 1-3 Nov. 2002--CRCI Annual report--Summer bunnies by Christine Carter

No. 23 (Feb. 2003) Rabbit Fancy 100 years ago—Club Library contents—Playmate of the Month: Chinchilla/Chinchilla Giganta

No. 24 (Mar. 2003) Argenté Noir standard—Royal Canberra Show—What’s for dinner, mum? by Christine Carter.

No. 25 (Apr. 2003) Abscesses—Yass Show—A young buck’s diary—Wonderful world of weeds part 1 by Christine Carter.

No. 26 (June 2003) Winter bunnies—Royal Easter Show—Wonderful world of weeds part 2 by Christine Carter

No. 27 (July 2003) National Rabbit Show—Book review: Rabbits for Dummies—Rabbitry on Parade: Bella Stud by Angela Nicoli—Vegetation: source of rabbit food by Christine Carter

No. 28 (Aug. 2003) Hay mite—The Vegetable plot by Christine Carter

No. 29 (Oct. 2003) Murrumbateman display—Playmate of the Month: the Tan—The mating game part 1 by Christine Carter.

No. 30 (Dec. 2003) CRCI annual report—Book review: The Rabbit Handbook by Susan Batho—The mating game part 2 by Christine Carter—How to catch a rabbit by Christine Carter

No. 31 (Feb. 2004) Canberra Rabbit Club library contents—Rabbitry on Parade questions—The long hot summer—Book review: A Fancier’s Guide to the Rex Rabbit by John Hodgkiss

No. 32 (Apr. 2004) Book review: A Fancier’s Guide to the Lop Rabbit by Geoff Russell—Displays at Royal Canberra, Yass Show and Sutton public School Fete—Getting involved

No. 33 (June 2004) Letter to the editor from Susan Batho—Why can’t we import rabbits like we used to?—Australian myxomatosis vaccine?—Rabbiting on by Christine Carter—Trains, plains and…bunnies

No. 34 (Aug. 2004) Letter to the Club from Susan Smith—The view from the rabbit shed—Rabbits of yesteryear—CRCI Code of Ethics—Rabbiting on by Christine Carter

No. 35 (Oct. 2004) Ring Registar’s report by Susan Batho—Ring sizes—The view from the rabbit shed---Myxomatosis by Debbie Hunter—Rabbiting on by Christine Carter—Ring order form

No. 36 (Dec. 2004) Ring Registrar’s report by Susan Batho—The view from the rabbit shed—CRCI annual report 2004

No. 37 (Feb. 2005)  Canberra Rabbit Club library contents—Rescue Persons to Contact—View from the Rabbit Shed—Book Review: Stories Rabbits Tell—Rabbiting On by Christine Carter

No. 38 (May 2005) Rabbitry on Parade: Wes & Alissa Cormick—View from the Rabbit Shed—CRCI Code of Ethics—Rabbiting On by Christine Carter—Rabbit Rescuers

No. 39 (July 2005) Ring Registrar’s Report by Susan Batho—The Low-Down on Bunny Behaviour by Debbie Hunter—The View from the Rabbit Shed

No. 40 (Oct. 2005) Ring Registrar’s Report by Susan Batho—Rabbiting On by Christine Carter—View from the Rabbit Shed—Book Review: Showing Rabbits

No.  41 (Dec. 2005)  The National Rabbit Show 2005 by Susan Batho—The View from the Rabbit Shed—CRCI Annual Report 2005

No. 42 (Feb. 2006) Canberra Rabbit Library contents—View from the rabbit shed

No. 43 (April 2006) View from the rabbit shed—Online show photography tips by Christine Carter

No. 44 (June 2006) Cashmere Lop and Miniature Cashmere Lop by Christine Carter—Jersey Wooly by Christine Carter—View from the rabbit shed

No. 45 (Sept. 2006) Ring Registrar’s report by Susan Batho—View from the rabbit shed

No. 46 (Oct. 2006) Ring Registrar’s report by Susan Batho—View from the rabbit shed—Rabbitry on Parade: Aussie Blue Stud by Gary Gibbons

No. 47 (Dec. 2006)  Ring Registrar’s report 2006 by Susan Batho—How Sniff got his groove back by Gayatri Pathare—View from the rabbit shed—CRCI annual report 2006

No. 48 (Mar. 2007) Canberra Rabbit Club library contents (Nikki White)—The view from the rabbit shed (Nikki White)

No. 49 (Apr. 2007) Ring Registrar’s report (Susan Batho)—Rabbiting on (Christine Carter)—View from the rabbit shed (Nikki White)—Grumpy old rabbit fanciers (Nikki White)

No. 50 (June 2007) Moult (Christine Toyer)—Rough guide to showing pedigree rabbits (Nikki White)—Judge’s report (Christine Toyer)

No. 51 (Aug. 2007) Feeding the brutes in drought and cold (Nikki White)—Judge’s report (Vija Hone)

No. 52 (Oct. 2007) Rabbitry on Parade: Blackstone Bunnies (Kay Faulkner)—Breeding season – or not (Nikki White)—Letter from Alaska (Susan Batho & Bill Hupe)

No. 53 (Dec. 2007)  Baked bunnies (Nikki White)—Rabbiting On (Christine Carter)--View from the rabbit shed (Nikki White)—NSW Animals (Restriction of Sale Bill 2006 (Nikki White)--CRCI Annual report 2007