This page is very much under construction and I will add more bunny photos as club members make them available. Basically, here's where you can show off your bunnies - whether because they've won a lot of ribbons, they are a particularly nice specimen of their breed or simply because they are loveable members of the family.


To start the ball rolling, Jean Hill of Rojeana Stud has provided some photos of some of her lovely rabbits. Jean breeds Polish, Netherland Dwarfs, Satins and Rexes and has made forays into other breeds such as Mini Lops, Cashmere Lops and Angoras. Her Angoras were famous in their time for their thick coats and type as well as their loveable natures.

A Rex with all his trophies

A Junior Ivory Satin with his ribbons from the Wodonga Show 

A Red-Eyed White Polish with his ribbons from the Wodonga Show

A big fluffy white Angora


Christine Carter of Bonreiki Stud has also sent in photos of some of her gorgeous Lops as well as photos taken at some of our rabbit shows. Christine breeds Cashmere Lops, Mini Cashmeres and Mini Lops.

Hamish with Elephants

Lord Nelson, one of Christine's favourite bucks

Orange Lop and Cactus

Margaret Delf (left) and Jean Hill (right) with Argentés at judging table at Hall

Ten-hut!! John Sowden with his Mini-Lop Mini-Me on parade, at Hall.

Angela Nicoli of Bella Stud has sent in a picture of her young British Giant, Spartacus.


Spartacus on a leash at Oct. 2001 show (photo by Susan Batho)

Susan Batho of Beau Stud
Beau Tigger Tri-colour Dutch 14 weeks. Best Dutch kitten, Royal Easter Show 2005
Beau Jangles Black Mini rex 14 weeks, Best Rex kitten, Royal Easter Show 2005


Some photos taken by Paul Livingston of bunnies at our combined rabbit and cavy show on15 Sept. 2002

Best in Show (Angela Nicoli's Chinchilla Mini Rex with his trophies)

Chinchilla Mini Rex on judging table

Orange Standard Rex, Aurelius, on judging table

Judge Jacqui Woods and book steward Lyn Nicoli conferring

Sue Sowden at Show Secretary's table, doing the paperwork, trophy table in front

Most Unsual Pair (pet section) - Orange Netherland Dwarf and Brown/Grey British Giant

Fancy Dress (pet section)

(Last updated 13 July 2005)