"The Daleks :Genesis of Evil "TV Century 21 no. 1-no. 3 (1965) (artist Richard Jennings, writer David Whitaker)

"The Daleks: Power Play TV Century 21 no. 4-no. 10 (Jennings/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: Duel of the Daleks" TV Century 21 no. 11-no. 17 (Jennings/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: The Amaryll Challenge" TV Century 21 no. 18-no. 24 (Jennings/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: The PentaRay Factor" TV Century 21 no. 25-no. 32 (Jennings/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: The Plague of Death" TV Century 21 no. 33-no. 39 (Jennings/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: The Menace of the Monstrons" TV Century 21 no. 40-no. 46 (Jennings/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: The Eve of War" TV Century 21 no. 47-no. 51 (Jennings/Whitaker: no. 47-no. 49; Ron Turner/David Whitaker no. 50-no.51)

"The Daleks: The Archives of Phryne" TV Century 21 no. 52-no. 58 (Eric Eden/David Whitaker)

"The Daleks: Rogue Planet" TV Century 21 no. 59-no. 62 (Ron Turner/David Whitaker)

"The Daleks: Impasse" TV Century 21 no. 63-no. 69 (Turner/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: The Terrorkon Harvest" TV Century 21 no. 70-no. 75 (Turner/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: Legacy of Yesteryear" TV Century 21 no. 76-no. 85 (Turner/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: Shadow of Humanity" TV Century 21 no. 86-no. 89 (Turner/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: The Emissaries of Jevo" TV Century 21 no. 90-no. 95 (Turner/Whitaker)

"The Daleks: The Road to Conflict" TV Century 21 no. 96-no. 104 (Turner/Whitaker)

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The Dalek Chronicles (TV Century 21 1960s strips reprinted). London, Marvel, 1994 (also reprinted in Dr. Who Classic Comics (1992-1994)