BF1942 pathfinding toolbox

Creating the pathfinding maps (the ones with names like "Infantry1Level0Map.raw") seems to be such a painful process. I've created a few small tools that hopefully will make the process a tiny bit easier. They're all command-line programs. Run them with no parameters to get usage information.

OutOfBounds will use a level's material map to create a basic pathmap with the "out of bounds" area pathed out. (47 KB)

TrimPath. Ever wanted to turn a pathmap into a texture map, but it comes out wrong because the level uses texture offsets? No? Well I did, so I wrote this. It will trim off a quarter of the pathmap all the way around, for those 8 x 8 maps that use a 4 x 4 texture (texOffsetX/Y 2). That's the only kind of texture offsetting I've had to deal with, but let me know if you have a different kind, and I'll update the program. (45 KB)

UntrimPath. If you've been editing your trimmed pathmap as a texture map, and are now turning it back into a pathmap, then you'll want to "untrim" it back to its normal size. (45 KB)

PathObjects V1.1 is a static object autopather. It will generate infantry, tank, and car pathmaps using a map's StaticObjects.con, and the StandardMesh (.sm) files. You will need to extract all the StandardMesh files out into a directory to use this program. (37 KB) New version! (now includes readme file!)

CombinePaths combines two pathmaps in a logical OR operation. Use it, for example, to combine the outputs from OutOfBounds and PathObjects. (45 KB) New!

PNGPath will create a PNG image out of a pathmap, so that you can see what it looks like (good for checking out what the heck these other programs are doing :-) PNG files have excellent compression for monochrome images. (333 KB)

PNGHeightMap will create a 16-bit greyscale PNG image out of a heightmap. Most programs seem to be able to handle 16-bit PNG images. (333 KB)

Those troublesome "small ones"

I've done a lot of analysis on the "small ones" files (like InfantryInfo.raw and Infantry.raw), and I've created a page that I've dramatically titled Mysteries of the "small ones" maps revealed! Have a look, unless you really don't give a rats, in which case don't :-)


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